VBS 2024

Save the Date
It might seem early, but do you have VBS booked on the church calendar? You should! Starting early by
getting ‘Save the Date’ signs up helps not only with getting kids to your program, but it also lets your
volunteers have enough time to get it on their calendars first!

Because if it isn’t on their calendar first, they aren’t going to be able to help out. Even when you don’t
have other details ironed out, get the date posted, published, announced and handed out as soon as
you have it.

  • Examples of places to get the word out:
     Save the date postcard handed out during your Christmas Eve services (hopefully!)
     Save the date flyers posted in the church fellowship hall and Sunday school rooms
     Create an event on your church’s Facebook page
     Put it in the church newsletter and bulletin
     Mail postcards to school aged kids
     Create a volunteer signup
     Try and get your dates locked in before Lent begins – any visitors can see your dates then too!
    Get the Goods

This year, the District has 3 new kits available to borrow:
Scuba – Group Publishing
Camp Firelight – Cokesbury Publishing
Hero Hotline – Cokesbury Publishing

The curriculum kits can be borrowed (some items are digital and available immediately) on a first come,
first served basis this summer for FREE. I keep a schedule of who needs what kit and work around the
dates to get it to each church. So far, Camp Firelight is the only one checked out until June 14 th the rest are still available. Please email me with your dates and one or two choices of your curriculum.

The complete list of available themes is available here>>>

What kind of assistance do you need with getting your VBS started? Send me an email
[email protected] anytime!

Central Bay District