Welcome, 2021!

Church – doesn’t it feel like all the things are different? Charge Conference certainly is. And, just when you thought you were getting those ducks in a row, we are adding a few more ducks. Thank you for working with us to utilize our current resources. The Central Bay District is asking each charge conference to… Continue Reading Welcome, 2021!

Preaching Basics Class

Have you ever wondered what goes into a sermon? Maybe you are feeling the Lord calling you to be available to fill the pulpit for the preacher or perhaps you are feeling the nudge from the Lord to enter into full-time ministry as a pastor. Wherever the Lord is leading you to serve and in… Continue Reading Preaching Basics Class

Family Systems Peer Groups

Have you ever felt anxious as a leader in your church or family? Have you ever wished for, prayed for a less anxious life for yourself, and healthier relationships with others? If so, then this may be a life changing opportunity for you. Come join us as we learn a different way to function in relationships… Continue Reading Family Systems Peer Groups

Pastoral Care Corner

Generous Congregations A New Small Group Experiencefor Clergy & Local Church Financial Leaders Read more >>> Tips to Make Online Members Feel More Connected Pastors and churches of the Central Bay District, Now that we have established a pretty wide constituency through the online worship services that we began as a response to Covid, how do we… Continue Reading Pastoral Care Corner

Charge Conferences 2020

Hello friends,Welcome to Charge Conference 2020, where we will Zoom together through the ministry of the church. Please keep in mind our process for paperwork for the 2020 Charge Conferences.The SPRC paperwork and the compensation form MUST be emailed totrice@michiganumc.orgat least 10 days prior to the scheduled SPRC meeting or charge conference – whichever happens… Continue Reading Charge Conferences 2020

Update on Mid-Michigan Flood Recovery

We have hired and trained 5 Case Managers (their contact information is below).  They have started making/receiving calls as of yesterday A volunteer manager named Bre Sklar will be starting on August 3.  She will be employed through UW and will help manage volunteer groups, particularly in Midland County.  We are looking for folks to… Continue Reading Update on Mid-Michigan Flood Recovery

Transition Help

Is your church welcoming a new pastor into a cross-racial and cross-cultural (CR/CC) ministry? Use the following resources to help your church foster a welcoming and meaningful transition for your pastor and the congregation: 3 Ways to Honor Your CR/CC pastor Communion Liturgy: Great Thanksgiving (Gift of a New Pastor) This is our Story, This… Continue Reading Transition Help

E-Resources in Your Inbox: Keeping Connected While Social Distancing

Are you concerned about your church’s finances right now? Would you like some expert advice? Join our first virtual book club for a discussion with author and financial stewardship expert, Bonnie Ives Marden. “Church Finances: How to stay afloat and thrive—even in 2020!” is FREE and will be streamed live on our Facebook page and YouTube channel on July 9 at 11 a.m.… Continue Reading E-Resources in Your Inbox: Keeping Connected While Social Distancing

Global Mission Opportunity

Hello! As promised, MMDC is coming on Wednesday, July 8th to bring the supplies for packing the Rice Meals.  Hopefully, you all might remember that this was going to be a part of our Summer Youth Mission Trip to Lake Louise.  Now, Mt. Pleasant First will be hosting this event in four 1.5 hour shifts… Continue Reading Global Mission Opportunity

Considerations for Reviewing Your Protection Policy

New updates are available for your protection policy and online ministry >>>