District Lay Leaders

Dawn Levey


I would like to take the time to introduce myself, Dawn D Levey, co-district Lay Leader.  I am a member of Elsie United Methodist Church in Elsie and I just celebrate 49 years of marriage to Bruce Levey.  We have two children, recently our oldest daughter passed away unexpectedly and six grandchildren.

God through love and grace gives us gifts to share with others in His name, I cannot specifically identify my talents, I enjoy people, sharing the blessings and growth I have made, decorating and event planning at my local church.  I am still growing in my faith walk. 

That being said, I would like to attend special events at the churches in the Central Bay District.  Please forward invitations to my so I can set my calendar, [email protected] or 517-927-6258.  If you need assistance please reach out, if I do not have the answer, I will find it for you. 

Peter Blinkilde

Blessings everyone!  I am Peter Blinkilde (blink-killed) newly appointed to the Central Bay District as Co-Lay Leader. I have been married to Karin for 40+ years and I have been a member of FUMC Greenville for 40+ years.
I grew up as a Lutheran in the Detroit area, was Presbyterian the day I got married, and then became Methodist in Greenville. In my Greenville church this is my second stint as Lay Leader.  The first time was for 17 years.  I have been a Lay Member to Annual Conference previously for 15 years.  This is my first time outside the comfort of my home church, bear with me. I am a retired veterinarian, I worked for 41 years in Greenville.  Farm and small animal the first 8 years and strictly dogs and cats the last 33.
I am always happy to talk about animals.  As I am new to this position, I hope to find ways that the Central Bay District can be of service to you and your churches during these times of adjustment and opportunity.  I can do that best by hearing from you as I prefer this position to be an active one and not passive.  Feel free to reach out by phone, text or email.
All one in Christ, Peter Blinkilde [email protected] 616-894-4671
Central Bay District