District Projects

One Week/One Street

Why: To show love to our neighbors by helping with projects needed around the exterior of homes.

How: Contact Tamara Klida at 989-662-4245 or email [email protected]

  • Project Mission Statement: Loving our neighbors through neighborhood revitalization
  • Project Vision Statement: Demonstrating the love of Christ by meeting the needs in struggling communities with exterior home improvements that increase safety, home values, and visual appeal.


Harrison: The Gathering

The Gathering, a United Methodist Mission Church, was chartered as a Mission Congregation by Bishop Jonathan Keaton in October 2009.  We are serving a community with generational poverty and unemployment. As such, many in the community do not have the ability to provide their families with adequate nutrition.

Our mission is to provide the Harrison, Michigan, and surrounding area with ”FOOD FOR THE BODY AND SOUL”.  Because the congregation receivers very little in regular offerings and tithes due to the level of poverty, The Gathering requires additional funding through grants and gifts from Missional Partners.  These additional funds allow the congregation to feed over 275 families and more than half the population of Harrison through our Food Pantry monthly, and Christian educational opportunities through Worship Celebrations, Christian Concerts, and Bible Studies.  District grants also provide funds for a portion of pastoral support.

By providing these opportunities to the community we are following Jesus commands to Simon Peter to Tend, Shepherd, and Care for God’s people. (John 21:15-17)

For further information or to become a Ministry Partner please contact:

               Pastor Ray McClintic

               The Gathering UMC

               Po Box 86

Harrison, MI 48625

989-539-1445 (office)

989-240-6158 (pastors’ cell)

Central Bay District