Ministry Shares in Action

Harrison: The Gathering is Making a Difference!

Thank you for supporting the Gathering. The Gathering is the product of multiple partnerships throughout its history. Beginning around 2001 when Rev. Greg Wolfe, pastor of Clare UMC, shared a prayer request at a District Clergy gathering. He asked for prayer for the town of Harrison, the County Seat of Clare County, in which there had never been a Methodist church. He asked us all to pray as some of the members of the Clare church had a heart for possibly seeing a United Methodist church started there. So, I wrote the request in my journal and began praying for a town I had never been to, let alone heard of. And continued to pray daily for it.

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Mayville – Electronic Sign

The new sign is up and running at the Mayville UMC.  It is very visible from the main road and a great asset for publicizing our activities here at the Mayville UMC.



Freeland – Children’s Ministry Reboot

Like many other churches during Covid, the children’s ministry was shut down for 3 years. To jump start
getting kids (families) back into ministry, the church set forth a plan to build a schedule and get the
community interest up.

The children’s calendar is scheduled out through December, complete with a children’s program.
Getting children excited about ministry includes having future events to look forward to in order to build
on the momentum. When kids have fun and there is another fun event planned, they invite friends and
the momentum continues to build.
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Mt. Pleasant First – Video Projector

I’m happy to report that after a long few months our new projector was installed on Friday, April 14!  It is working well and we thank the district for approving the grant to help make this happen.

Arenac: Christ – Dinner Church

The Grant funds are used not only to supplement the rising cost of food but also to reach out into our community with fliers, personal invitations and advertising that helps connect and educate people with the Dinner Church concept.   Our large events like the Summer Picnic and Christmas Dinner have consistently helped bring in new people who sometimes become regular attendees.  Some of our regular attendees of Dinner Church have also begun to attend morning church services.  We serve Dinner Church every Sunday at 5:30 for 18-28 people every week.

We feel we are blessed to receive this Grant and appreciate the extra funding to serve our community.


Central Bay District