In Person Worship

Several requests have come to me, as well as other District Superintendents, asking for clarification on the Bishop’s stance regarding in person worship. As you will recall, the last communication asked that pastors and church leadership refrain from in person worship through Christmas. So, does that mean we can open up the church again? The… Continue Reading In Person Worship

2021 Directory

Download the pdf >>> Pastors – please check your directory listing online and submit a picture of your smiling face if we don’t already have one posted.

Making Disciples “Works Like Real Life”

Is discipleship a lost art or an ignored command? Discipleship as an art brings with it the idea that influencing others toward the character of Jesus is about competence and expertise. Discipleship as a command brings with it the idea of action and authority. The reality is that discipleship has facets of being an art… Continue Reading Making Disciples “Works Like Real Life”

Lay Equalization Members for AC

If you are interested in serving as a District Lay Equalization Member, you may complete and submit an attached application.  It is very important that you explain on the application why you would like to serve as an Equalization Member and what you believe you could contribute to the Annual Conference.  You may wish to… Continue Reading Lay Equalization Members for AC

DZone Lay Leader Point Persons

Dear Pastors:          A new program entitled, “Central Bay District D-Zone Lay Leader Network (LLN),” is being developed jointly by the District Superintendent and the District Lay Leader.  The purpose of the D-Zone LLN is to provide community, partnership, support, and encouragement among the local churches, the D-Zones, and the District.  D-Zones are as vital to… Continue Reading DZone Lay Leader Point Persons

Transition Help

Is your church welcoming a new pastor into a cross-racial and cross-cultural (CR/CC) ministry? Use the following resources to help your church foster a welcoming and meaningful transition for your pastor and the congregation: 3 Ways to Honor Your CR/CC pastor Communion Liturgy: Great Thanksgiving (Gift of a New Pastor) This is our Story, This… Continue Reading Transition Help

E-Resources in Your Inbox: Keeping Connected While Social Distancing

Are you concerned about your church’s finances right now? Would you like some expert advice? Join our first virtual book club for a discussion with author and financial stewardship expert, Bonnie Ives Marden. “Church Finances: How to stay afloat and thrive—even in 2020!” is FREE and will be streamed live on our Facebook page and YouTube channel on July 9 at 11 a.m.… Continue Reading E-Resources in Your Inbox: Keeping Connected While Social Distancing

Lend a Hand Across the Water

You have seen the devastation the water left in Sanford, Midland, and elsewhere. The Michigan Conference Disaster Response team offers ways you can help with clean-up and care for neighbors. Read more>>>

Principles and Directions for Re-opening

Guidance on how to reopen local churches. Principles and directions to use when restrictions are lifted. Read more >>>

24 Questions Your Church Should Answer Before People Return

There are excellent points to make in this article…some will apply to your church, some won’t…but what does apply to everyone is the need to alter the passing of the offering plates, communion, and greeters – for the short term at least. Read more >>>