Schedule a Zoom meeting:

Hello District Leader –

We WANT you to be successful in leading your team in 2021. Using the district office as a resource center is a great start, we are here to help.

In making sure that everyone is given the same attention, we have come up with a few procedural rules to follow when requesting the district office set up a Zoom meeting for your district team.

  1. All requests should be emailed to Tina at
  2. Requests must be given at least two weeks prior to the meeting date.

Only one virtual meeting can happen at a time.

  1. IF approved, Tina will email the Zoom link info to the team chairperson.

It is their responsibility to send the link out to their team participants. The district office will not be responsible for making sure team members are notified.

  1. Do not record the Zoom virtual meetings.

Thank you for ALL you do in ministry!

Central Bay District Office