Prop Center Inventory


Stuffed Animals




The prop center has one kit to set up as a family game show night competition. If you are running a fall fest, VBS celebration night, tailgate party or carnival, there are lots of games to choose from. The pictures are just a sampling of the many games in stock.


There are over 30 different kits with the curriculum, director’s guide, storytime, snacks, etc that are available to borrow.  Kits during the summer will be loaned out for approximately a week at a time so that every church can have the opportunity to use the kit that fits their needs.

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There are smaller themed-night programs available to use during Lent. This program contains the instructions and directions that would be needed to run a family night during the season of Lent.

Rise Up!


Journey to the Cross



One Starry Night


Miscellaneous Props

Tiki torches, fountains, firepits, easy ups…

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