Lay Equalization Members to Annual Conference

Our District has been allocated 15 spots by the Conference Board of Laity to
be filled by Lay Equalization Members to the 2023 Michigan Annual Conference
which will be conducted during the period June 2-4, 2023

To qualify as Equalization Members, applicants must meet church
membership requirements; apply to our District Lay Leader, Denny Wissinger; and
all church Lay Member spots must be filled.

Lay Members to Annual Conference must be entered by their churches into
the Conference database, Brickriver, as soon as possible. This allows the Board of
Laity and Conference Registrar to communicate Annual Conference 2023
information with them and help alleviate any delay in them being able to finalize
their registration.

Below you will find links for a form and instructions for applying as a District
Lay Equalization Member. Please note that the deadline for submitting
applications is January 9, 2023.

Lay Equalization Member Application Form >>>
Lay Member Instructions >>>

Central Bay District