Food Drive in Gladwin

Our local middle and high school have what they call aviaries where kids can get for free things they need such as clothes, personal stuff, and even food. I was told the hardest to keep filled is the food. 

So, we have launched a program began in Onaway and was named by one of our ladies there, Fuel 5000. The food behind the railing goes there. It is bags and bags of snack foods and drinks…all from our church. 

The food in front of the communion table and around the tree is a Sisters in Spirit challenge that we also gave to the church. The challenge is to fill a grocery bag in the month of December and take to a local food pantry. I received a call last night. Our local Save a lot heard and wanted to give us the food that they had been collecting for donation. 

Both of these challenges run through the month so I expect more to come. Before the food goes out we will pray over the food as a community. 

God is good!
Carmen Cook

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