Confirmation Network

“United Methodist leaders often speak of the denomination as “the connection.” This concept has been central to Methodism from its beginning. Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, recognized the need for an organized system of communication and accountability and developed what he called the “connexion,” a network of classes, societies, and annual conferences.”, Organization: The Church as Connection, 2018

At the very heart of the United Methodist movement, is a desire to be in connection with a global community.  However, in many United Methodist churches the Confirmation experience can be anything but “connected.”  For many leaders, students, and mentors the Confirmation experience is isolating, lonely, and downright scary.  Confirmation Network is a collective group of leaders, students, and mentors coming together to inspire a life-long discipleship within the United Methodist Church.  How will this happen? Three ways:

 1.  Optimizing Our Connection – Together, as the Central Bay District, we have the critical mass to provide a cost effective way to share the Cokesbury Confirm, the only confirmation curriculum approved for the United Methodist Church, with churches who might never have the financial means to purchase the $129.99 starter kit. A grant received from the former Heartland District could provide needed funds to make a Confirmation study possible at your local church.

2.  Network – Using social media, we all can come together, at a keystroke, for inspiration, check-ins, and shared experiences.

3.  Face to Face Fellowship – Start the Confirmation experience by joining all the leaders for a Kick-Off Lunch on January 3, 2019 at Mt. Pleasant First.  Then all the leaders and confirmands will come together for a meaningful Confirmation Enrichment Gathering sometime in March, 2019 

Interested? Questions? More Information…Contact:

Jennifer Lane – Mt. Pleasant First UMC, 989-600-8766 or

Rev. Heather Nowak – Pinconning UMC, 989-718-3354 or

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