24 Questions Your Church Should Answer Before People Return

There are excellent points to make in this article…some will apply to your church, some won’t…but what does apply to everyone is the need to alter the passing of the offering plates, communion, and greeters – for the short term at least. Read more >>>

GCFA Document on Counting Members

As COVID-19 spreads and the world is practicing social distancing, many churches have opted to provide services via live streaming. Because so many churches are switching to this digital ministry, many have questions regarding virtual attendance and how to count those numbers. Read more >>>

Quarantine Friendly VBS

Instead of bringing kids to your VBS, let’s bring VBS to your kids! The team at GO! Curriculum is hard at work designing a 3-day VBS that is custom made for churches and families during the COVID19 shutdown. We have thought through every aspect of the VBS experience and made it so user friendly that any family can… Continue Reading Quarantine Friendly VBS

Resource UMC

Are you spending too much time searching for denominational information on multiple websites? There is now a single site that links to denominational resources. This new comprehensive website empowers you to search for and quickly find resources and tools from across our connection. Check out www.resourceumc.org today.

CARES Act and Churches

Bishop David A. BardMarch 30, 2020   The Church, including The United Methodist Church in Michigan, today confronts a crisis unprecedented in our lifetimes.  The spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19 have created a situa tion where we have needed to ask congregations to refrain from in-person gatherings, including worship, for an extended period of time. … Continue Reading CARES Act and Churches

CARE Act Provides Loans to Churches

Pews across the country are empty as safety measures are observed for COVID-19. The federal Care Act provides relief for financial pressure.  Assistants will soon be ready to help churches apply. Local churches are dealing with financial challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. Your Michigan Conference Treasurer and Benefits Office and Council on Finance and Administration… Continue Reading CARE Act Provides Loans to Churches

Tips for Online Worship

The Michigan Conference has created webinars on a variety of subjects related to local concerns, and more are being added regularly. They include: Your Tech Questions Online Funerals and Memorial Services Shelter in Place – Church Questions Online Church – Worship Planning Online Ministry with Children & Youth Holy Week Online Worship Planning The “Why”… Continue Reading Tips for Online Worship

Bishop Extends No Gatherings Until April 30

The Rev. Amy Mayo-Moyle leads online worship in this YouTube video from Farmington Orchard United Methodist Church. Michigan congregations are asked to continue online worship through April 30, 2020. Facebook/Orchard United Methodist Church Michigan now has the fourth-highest number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S.  At advice of government and public health officials, Bishop Bard… Continue Reading Bishop Extends No Gatherings Until April 30

How to Get Funding From the CARES Act

The CARES Act was passed on Friday, and the $349B will go quickly. How do you make sure your 501c3 and small business gets funding? Join us for our Facebook Live event today at 1pm CDT to answer your questions. Sutton Turner, our COO, wrote an article this weekend on Why Churches & Non-Profits Should Apply for the… Continue Reading How to Get Funding From the CARES Act

Free Online Giving Opportunity

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we are finding ourselves in an unprecedented situation.  There are many impacts of this time of isolation but there are a few that are particularly troubling for the local church, the inability for churches to gather and for parishioners to easily give their tithes and offerings. Read more >>>