2022 Charge Conference Information

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh….GUESS WHAT SEASON IT IS??

Yup, you know it. Church Charge Conferences are about to begin. (insert loud, headbanging music). So much to be excited about.

But wait…there is MORE!!

Paperwork is going to look a little different this year. Here are the new rules, you ready?

  1. ALL paperwork is electronic this year. NO (none, nothing, zero) actual PAPER paperwork will be accepted or asked for. NOTHING TO MAIL TO ME.
  2. NO paper copies of any paperwork are being asked for. See #1
  3. Please see #1 and #2 – and then happy dance with me!

But..ELECTRONIC FORMS are still due to me 10 days BEFORE the scheduled conference.  

Here is the list of required forms to turn in:

  1. Profile of the Church
  2. Business of the Charge/Church Conference
  3. Minutes of the Charge/Church Conference
  4. 2023 Compensation for all Clergy/Deacon/DSA
  5. GCFA Fund Balance Report
  6. GCFA Report of the Finance Committee
  7. GCFA Annual Report of the Trustees
  8. Parsonage Information Sheet
  9. Parsonage inspection Form (this is the only form that may be handwritten)

So now you are wondering what to do with all the other forms, right? (you should be asking that) Well let me tell you!

Certified Lay Speaker/Servant/Minister Reports should be turned in to the Chair of the Lay Servant Committee.

All other forms are in-house for your specific church to make sure things are being done and cared for.

ALL FORMS MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE TO PERSONS IN THE CHURCH IF THEY WANT TO SEE THEM. So, chances are, you are still going to make a “packet” to hand out to your peeps at CC. The district office and the DS will already have received all the info needed ahead of time and do not require that information in a paper format.

Keep in mind that your leadership must be voted on, so that has to also be available.

The District office is working towards a completely digital office and perhaps saving a forest or two in the process. Thank you for working with us!

Conferences will be scheduled as a group, per Dzone. Please click here for that schedule.
SPRC Schedule >>>

This is what each Dzone Conference will look like:

 DS led Q&A around the disaffiliation process
 Discussion of what’s happening at Wesley@CMU
 Wesley@CMU music and offering
 Voting per Charge
 District voting on budget and leadership

Some Dzone’s have had a change or two. Please click here to see a listing of each Dzone and Leader.

A full list of forms is available here >>>

If you have any questions, please let me know. I am looking forward to working with you on this great CC adventure. Oh what a happy day!

Peace to you,

Teri Rice
Executive Assistant
Central Bay District
Michigan Conference UMC
PO Box 5386
Saginaw, MI 48603