2021 Church Conferences

It’s here. It’s here…can you smell the freshly sharpened pencils and the hear the rustle of the paperwork? Charge Conference is BACK! Hopefully, better than ever.

There is so much info to share, don’t be afraid to read over this note more than once.

Conferences will be done as a Dzone group in person. The Dzone leader church will be the host. (Please have refreshments, Zoom capabilities and seating marked so that each church can sit/vote together.)

SPRC and all other leadership are asked to attend the training prior to each conference. This training will focus on Enneagram Teaching to equip the leadership to understand their own characteristics and how best to work/win with others. 

 All leadership training and conferences are Sunday afternoons at the Dzone Leader’s Church.
2:00 pm Training (including Pastors)
3:15 pm Dzone Conference begins
4:15 pm Good bye

September 12 – Dzone 3 (Saginaw: Ames)
September 19 – Dzone 1 (Pigeon: First)
September 26 – Dzone 7 (Bay City: Grace)
October 3 – Dzone 2 (Vassar: First)
October 10 – Dzone 4 (LaPorte UMC)
October 17 -Dzone 5 (Mt. Pleasant: First)
November 7 – Dzone 6 (Rosebush UMC)
November 14 – Dzone 8 (West Branch: First)

SPRC meetings with the DS are scheduled individually and will be conducted by Zoom (as we did last year). Schedule is here.
Paperwork is due at least 10 days before each meeting. This means the SPRC paperwork is due 10 days before that scheduled meeting. The conference paperwork is due 10 days before the scheduled Charge Conference. 

 I will send out an email in August about how the paperwork will be accepted this year. With working from home offices, we are creating new ways of collecting paperwork and storing files. Our goal is to have ALL paperwork collected only digitally, but we still have a few kinks to work out yet.

The link to begin working now on forms is: https://michiganumc.org/resources/forms/

Don’t forget to download, save, name (if you could name each of your forms this way:  church name.form.2021 it would be super helpful!) and save when finished.
As we get into the swing of it, we will have more little nuggets of info to pass along. For now, this is enough to keep us happy.
Thanks for working through all the things to keep on shining the spotlight on Jesus.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Peace to you,
Teri Rice
Executive Assistant
Central Bay District