Charge Conferences 2020

Hello friends,
Welcome to Charge Conference 2020, where we will Zoom together through the ministry of the church.
Each Charge will have its own Conference – held electronically through Zoom. Links will be provided one week prior to meeting date.
The Ad Council/Board or Leadership Team will be the voting members. This means there should be conversations happening now about the voting items so that the Board/Team can BEST represent the whole congregation.
 The Agenda can be found here

The DS will begin with a short devotional, the recording secretary will be voted on and the rest of the agenda will be followed and finally, host pastor will close in prayer.
Each conference is expected to last approximately 15 minutes. This is a short time frame, so if you are responsible for bringing a voting item forward, please be prepared.
All Charge Conference FORMS can be found here

All forms MUST be electronically submitted 10 days prior to conference or SPRC meeting; whichever occurs first.  The SPRC and Charge Conference schedule was emailed in July. If you didn’t see the schedule, it is here. Any form that requires a signature must be signed and mailed to the district office within two weeks of conference date.
Mailing address: Central Bay District, 3764 Fashion Square Blvd., Saginaw, MI 48603 (All forms that require signatures)
The Staff Parish Relations Committee will have a one hour meeting with the DS through Zoom. The purpose of this meeting is to give the DS a clear picture of the mission, ministry and goals of the church. DS Kasper will carefully review all SPRC forms turned in 10 days prior to this meeting. Please make sure they accurately reflect the heart of the church.
Please check our web site often for updates.
If you have any questions – email or call the district office.

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