Update on Mid-Michigan Flood Recovery

  1. We have hired and trained 5 Case Managers (their contact information is below).  They have started making/receiving calls as of yesterday
  2. A volunteer manager named Bre Sklar will be starting on August 3.  She will be employed through UW and will help manage volunteer groups, particularly in Midland County.  We are looking for folks to take on some of the volunteer management role in Saginaw and Gladwin counties.
  3. We now have construction managers in Midland and Saginaw counties to do assessments.  These folks will begin next week.  We are still looking for a volunteer in Gladwin that can fill that role.
  4. Churches will be able to engage in the following ways as we move forward:
  • Host teams of volunteers
  • Prepare/provide meals for volunteers
  • Support financially
  • Gather information in your congregations about what skill sets folks have in terms of construction as well as if you have entire teams that would be able to be deployed

As mentioned, Bre Sklar will be facilitating the needs for teams based on feedback from the Case Managers after intake/assessment has been done. 

If your church is engaging in outreach/rebuild activities, please keep lists of who you are working with and what has been done so it can be shared with the case manger serving that area.  We want to make sure we are not duplicating efforts as well as utilizing dollars in the most impactful way.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.  I am also willing to host another Q & A if you think that would be helpful.

Anne WortleyMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Midlandawortley@michiganumc.org115 Jerome Street  Midland, MI  48640989-374-8000
Raegan SchultzMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Midlandrschultz@michiganumc.org115 Jerome Street  Midland, MI  48640989-374-8000
Becca MarcottMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Sanfordbmarcott@michiganumc.orgMeridian Elementary  3353 N. M-30   Sanford, MI  48657989-374-8000
Felica Rose-BarryMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Saginawfrosebarry@michiganumc.org111 S. Saginaw Street   Saginaw, MI  48602989-598.3772
Sharon CampbellMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Gladwinscampbell@michiganumc.org106 Tonkin Street  Beaverton, MI  48612989.598.4315

Nancy L. Money

Coordinator for Disaster Recovery Ministries

The Michigan Conference of The United Methodist Church

1011 Northcrest Road   Lansing, MI  48906

p.  517-347-4030 x 4082

c.  517-420-8221