Charge Conferences 2020

Hello Friends;
Each of us have a lot on our plates right now; figuring out this new COVID19 culture is new to us all. There are a lot of things we took for granted that are now not part of our daily routines, mainly…gathering together.
To keep us safe and still do the work we are called to do – we have made some decisions about district conference and each church conference for 2020.

First; we are postponing our District Conference until January or February of 2021. Our hope is that we may be able to gather in person by that time. In the meantime, we will work on creating a budget that will best serve the needs of our churches during this pandemic. More information about this will be shared later this fall.
Second; the decision has been made to do all pastor one to one meetings, SPRC meetings and charge conferences through Zoom and not in person.

Conferences will be different this year because they will be Charge Conferences. This means that the leadership team/ Ad Council will be the only voting members instead of the whole congregation.  Each Charge will have a separate conference that will last approximately 15 minutes.  

SPRC meeting of each charge will meet through Zoom with the DS.  Each meeting is approximately one hour. Please include current and incoming SPRC members.The District office will email a link to the Pastor/Admin and it will be their responsibility to forward that email to the appropriate committees.

This will be for both SPRC meeting and the Charge Conference. The links will be sent out one week prior to each meeting.

One to one meetings with pastor and DS have been scheduled. As a new DS, Rev. Kasper would like each pastor to answer some questions at least one week prior to your scheduled meeting.
The Zoom link will be emailed to you one week before your meeting.

Questions from Rev. Kasper >>>
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