Meet Your EngageMI Ambassadors

There have been questions regarding the new EngageMI program and these people are knowledgeable and ready to answer questions and meet with those mission people in the churches who would like that.  Please feel free to suggest these ambassadors to those that need help in understanding and reporting the Learn, Give, Act program for 2019.  We hope to inspire and encourage our churches to become more informed and involved in the lives of those we serve.

Central Bay District Ambassadors:

Pastor Marty Cobb, Farewell/Brooks Corners, (989) 588-2931

Marlene Doran, Beaverton UMC, (989) 424-0178

Bonnie Dunston, Pigeon UMC,

Susan Hegel, Mio UMC,

Barb Hoffman

Pastor Brenda Klacking, Churchill UMC, (989) 345-0827

Diana Miller, Wagarville Community UMC, (989) 426-2644

Rev. Duane Miller, Wagarville Community UMC, (989) 426-2644

Pastor Heather Nowak, Pinconning UMC, (586) 718-3354

Ruth Sutton, Sanford UMC, (989) 687-5646

Lisa Wightman, Caro UMC,

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