Energy Efficiency for Churches

In these dark winter days, I’m writing to share some light!

Thanks to your help getting the word out, 89 United Methodist churches have participated in Michigan Interfaith Power & Light’s Light the Way program since 2015.

These congregations each received an average of $1,300 in free efficiency upgrades, like LED lighting, and suggestions about how to save energy and save money going forward from Consumers Energy.

Because of these measures, these 89 churches saved enough electricity to power 50 homes for a year!

Together, over 600 Light the Way congregations– from 30+ denominations and faith traditions– have made a commendable progress in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions:

  • preventing the carbon emissions that would result from burning 13 railcars worth of coal; or
  • equaling the carbon dioxide sequestered by 60,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

We sincerely value and appreciate your contribution to this this work. Faith communities are a vital part of the response to climate change, and each congregation CAN make a difference.

Let’s celebrate the work these United Methodist churches are doing in response to the Christian call to Earth stewardship. We hope you’ll share the word about this success!

Jennifer Young
Project Manager
Michigan Interfaith Power & Light
Office: 248-537-9175
Mobile: 248-463-8811

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